Hassan’s Forgotten Films: Uzumaki

Sorry everyone for my absence. Its been a while since I last posted anything but hopefully going forward, I will be posting more consistently. So, starting today, I am beginning a new series of articles called, “Hassan’s Forgotten Movies” where I will review and talk about films that are definitely worth your time but for…

Sonic Mania Public Demo

Daniel Mihailescu plays the Sonic Mania fan demo, a game that recreated what most big websites and blogs have been playing on and off for a few months. This video wasn’t supposed to be a review, but that’s kind of what it became. Anyway, enjoy the Sonic Mania fan demo footage below.  

Sonic Utopia Rocks

Sonic Utopia is an independent open-world Sonic The Hedgehog game available on PC. You’ll either end up spending a quick fifteen minutes blazing through the level or several hours tooling around, depending on your play style.  

Enjoy Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is hands down one of my favorite video games of the year. It’s fun and plays it safe while being able to add simple changes that make the overall experience fit for 2016. Check out my main thoughts of the game in the video below. If you have an X-Box One…

Zelda Easter Egg Within Steam Game

Be sure to check out Part 1. Watch me play a game that has stirred debate in a niche community. The game is called “The Plan,” and is available right now VIA the Steam Client on Windows PCs. If you’re not careful, leaves can bring you down, and if you’re not persistent, wind will blow…