Tiger Driver ’91 Podcast Episode 11: Hackamura and the Lost Full Sail Voice

Step into the Dome this week as we discuss the pivotal summer weekend of wrestling with reviews on NXT Takeover Brooklyn II and Summerslam. Banger wrestling? Check. Hilarious recollection of our friend fighting with hood rats? Double check. Tales of Nakamura cosplayers who think they are the hottest thing in the building? Duh, we got…

Do We Need To Know About The Girl In The Well?


So “The Ring” is getting a sequel that takes in-flight movies to a terrifying new place! Spooooooooooookkkkyyyyyy. Did the “spooky” get across that I’m being sarcastic? This movie does not look very good. It’s called “Rings,” which has to rank up there with “2 Fast 2 Furious” as one of the worst sequel titles in…

CBFU: From the Belgian Shop – Independent Special

Yet again, I’m here with a list of my top five, this time the best creator-owned/independent/indie/whatever-you-call-it comics. This has been the hardest list to put together, because there are so many absolute bangers being published by Image right now. Books like East of West, Saga, Southern Bastards, Deadly Class… are all magnificent. But only five can fit…

The Miz Tears Into Daniel Bryan

the miz and daniel bryan

If you aren’t watching “Talking Smack,” the SmackDown Live post show, then you are missing out. TS blends kayfabe and reality in an absolutely fascinating way. The latest example of that involved Daniel Bryan and The Miz. It started out with Daniel Bryan claiming that Miz wrestles soft and cowardly, like a typical WWE wrestler….

CBFU: From The Shop – August 24th

cbfu, blue beetle

Wondering what you should grab from this week’s comic book pull? Well, look no further because Sam and Isaac from CBFU have got you covered. On this week’s installment, they head to Manifest Comics to review, “Deathstroke” #1, “Blue Beetle Rebirth” #1, “Kingsway West” #1, and “Civil War II: Ulysses” #1. FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: DCComics.com.

A Dope Moment From Monday Night Raw

monday night raw

I really didn’t think I’d be able to do this article. Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw made me very upset. With the Cruiserweight Classic in full swing, it feels like the obvious thing to do to crown a new WWE Universal Champion was some sort of tournament. I wanted a one night, Deadly…

“Arrival” Could Be Awesome


I love me some sci-fi, especially of this variety. Looks like there’s a great mix of flash and substance. I’ve been fooled by trailers before, but I’m pretty damn hyped. The cast includes Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. Oh, and Denis Villeneuve directed. In case you don’t know who he is, he was behind…

Two Space Cadets: A Repurposed Short Film

short film

Earlier, we cut together test footage for a film adaption of a short story in dramatic form that was published here on Nerdopotamus, entitled “This Is The Way.” After watching the work over and over again while editing, we realized how simply a portion of it could be repurposed to tell a fun story about two…

CBFU From the Cinema: “Summer 2016 Animated Films”

This weekend, I saw two animated films, so I figured it would be a good time to review the ANIMATED MOVIES OF SUMMER 2016!!!!!! Starting with: Finding Dory, from Pixar, is the sequel to Finding Nemo. While Finding Nemo was a great movie (as are almost all Pixar movies), I never felt the need for a sequel. I was…