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CBFU: From The Shop – April 26th, 2017

from the shop

FROM THE SHOP has returned!! This week, Isaac is joined by returning guest Jarryd to review another issue of Batman & The Flash: The Button, Batman/The Shadow, a new Alien series, and Scarlet Spider #1! FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT:

Behold The Justice League

justice league

Peep the picture above. My hype should be so high for this film. That picture alone should have had me over the moon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m into it. It’s the Justice League. Of course I’m into it. However, I also saw, “Man of Steel,” “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and “Suicide Squad”…

FLASH FACTS: “Potential Energy”

the flash, flash facts

Do you love “The Flash” on CW? Because we certainly do. That’s why we’re hyped about Comic Book Fans United jumping on the Nerdo train. Along with their podcast, and “From The Shop,” the guys from CBFU are responsible for this gem of a show, aptly entitled, “Flash Facts.” In it, CBFU member Tony Pinero…

The Flash – S02 E07 – Gorrila Warfare

First of all, sorry for missing last week’s review everyone. My “day job” being a filmmaker often interferes with my responsibilities as a writer for Nerdopotamus. Sometimes I unfortunately miss out writing some cool reviews for great episodes. SPOILERS ABOUND You have been warned so proceed with caution. If I had to give last week’s…

The Flash Review – S02:E04 – The Fury of Firestorm

Harping on movies and shows in negative light isn’t something I like to do. I find that most film and television is rather commendable. As a filmmaker, it’s easy to acknowledge the amount of human power and time that goes into making something for people to watch. Even having this understanding, I have to admit that…

The Flash Review – S02 E01

Well this sucks. Not the show, but the fact I wrote an analytical piece on the season 2 premiere of The Flash and the document resulted in corruption. Oh well, things happen. I’m not going to spend time rewriting every single criticism, but I liked the episode enough to want to write about it one…