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Apparently Call of Duty WWII Qualifies As RPG

First person shooters have definitely acquired role playing game traits over the years. With the ability to rank up, level up, and obtain varying scores in both campaign and multiplayer modes by way of enemy elimination, FPS’ have unarguably adopted characteristics of role playing games. But, is Call of Duty WWII a straight up RPG? No! Of course not! Don’t…

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Persona 5 GOTY Contender

Welcome back to another episode of “Pass The Salt,” the Internet’s saltiest gaming talk show! Joe is about 20 hours into Persona 5 and so far he’s loving it! Could this be another contender for game of the year? There are a number of publications and award shows on a yearly basis that claim “GOTY,” much like award shows for…

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I Am Setsuna – A More Intimate Review


The bond between JRPGs and the players who prefer them above all other genres is a unique one. For some, games like Final Fantasy or Secret of Mana reshaped the way we viewed gaming. Not everything had to be an action-packed shooter or a nerve-wracking platformer. There was a certain allure to taking your time to piece together your ideal…

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Telltale Games 75% Off – 10/8/15

Steam and Telltale games are joining forces this weekend to bring us deals up to 75% off per franchise. Minecraft: Story Mode indeed makes the list, but at only ten percent off. Telltale is known for their episodic games that emulate television drama, giving players opportunities to flip the switch on story based off of choices made. Each series has a great deal…

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Play Indivisible Free, From The Creators of Skullgirls

Lab Zero Games, the people behind indie fighter Skullgirls, are crowdfunding their next game. The concoction of role play, hack-and-slash, and platforming is delivered in HD and 60 FPS. For a game that needs a boatload of money, it already looks and sounds fantastic. I’m surprised the YouTube video provided below comes in a stereo mix. Kudos! According to the Indiegogo campaign: “While Indivisible’s thematic core is inspired…

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Pokémon Revolution MMO PC Beta

I received word last night alerting me that a Pokemon MMO has hit PC. I knew right away that there wasn’t anyway it was official. I guessed correctly. At the time of writing, the beta servers for Pokémon Revolution have been up since August 15th, 2015, without hiccup. There is currently an 800 player limit. If you’re interested, you need…

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