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What Classic Sega Games Should Be Revived?

Welcome back to another episode of Pass The Salt, the Internets saltiest gaming talk show! Sega recently announced their intent to revive many of their classic franchises. Which old Sega games would you like to see brought back to life? Watch the entire episode by clicking here. Support the channel! https://www.patreon.com/dailydorks Get updates here! https://www.Instagram.com/Daily_Dorks https://www.Facebook.com/DailyDorks https://www.twitter.com/DailyDorks Intro music by…

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Bit Boys Play Shovel Knight

Have you heard of this game called Shovel Knight? If you have and you’ve played it, come check out the Bit Boys play and have some fun. If you haven’t heard of it or you haven’t played it yet, come check it out! This game is really awesome and uses the old 8bit retro graphics very well. “Shovel Knight” is…

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