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“Legitimate” Theory: Kids Next Door In Overwatch

Codename: Kids Next Door, or Kids Next Door, was an animation aired on Cartoon Network years ago. On it, was a character called Numbuh 3. All the kid characters on the show were pretty much called “Numbuh” followed by a number.  It turns out there’s a “legitimate” theory floating around that she’s all grown up and has joined the ranks of Overwatch fighters.…

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Kevin’s Playing “Overwatch”

Join Nerdo’s very own Kevin as he plays “Overwatch.” No commentary – all gameplay. NOTE: Ignore the Uncharted 1 — 6 on the video – it’s from a past broadcast. The game played in the video below is definitely “Overwatch.” Watch live video from Kaythreevin on www.twitch.tv FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Youtube.com.

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That’s Cool For You Episode 4: Look at me. I am Player One now.


This episode is a true testament to our range of interests and diversity. Take a journey with us as we have an in-depth, emotional conversation about the needless death of Harambe. I wish I could keep up the charade, but we all know there is nothing serious about this conversation or our feelings on the situation, so at least come…

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