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Battleborn Multiplayer Is Free To Play

It took a little longer than expected, but semi-popular hero shooter & MOBA Battleborn has officially released its multiplayer mode free to the public. Battleborn originally released in May of 2016, the same month and year as popular hero shooter Overwatch, which in direct comparison already has tens of millions of players compared to Battleborn’s player base which is somewhere in the low…

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“Legitimate” Theory: Kids Next Door In Overwatch

Codename: Kids Next Door, or Kids Next Door, was an animation aired on Cartoon Network years ago. On it, was a character called Numbuh 3. All the kid characters on the show were pretty much called “Numbuh” followed by a number.  It turns out there’s a “legitimate” theory floating around that she’s all grown up and has joined the ranks of Overwatch fighters.…

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Kevin’s Playing “Overwatch”

Join Nerdo’s very own Kevin as he plays “Overwatch.” No commentary – all gameplay. NOTE: Ignore the Uncharted 1 — 6 on the video – it’s from a past broadcast. The game played in the video below is definitely “Overwatch.” Watch live video from Kaythreevin on www.twitch.tv FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Youtube.com.

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That’s Cool For You Episode 4: Look at me. I am Player One now.


This episode is a true testament to our range of interests and diversity. Take a journey with us as we have an in-depth, emotional conversation about the needless death of Harambe. I wish I could keep up the charade, but we all know there is nothing serious about this conversation or our feelings on the situation, so at least come…

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