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Overwatch’s New Hero Is Ugly But Rad

Blizzard introduced a new character in Overwatch, to much love. You can play as this new character, Orisa, a tank, on PTR today! She’s effective on the battlefield, but the poor tank’s character design is being ridiculed around the world. Poor girl. Don’t toss the salt, pass the salt below.

Norah Encounters Obsessed Overwatch Player

Norah is introduced to the unusual and toxic community that exists in Overwatch while using Daniel’s account. Things can’t possibly get any weirder after this. Have you ever received strange messages from obsessed trolls? Please share your stories below.

“Legitimate” Theory: Kids Next Door In Overwatch

Codename: Kids Next Door, or Kids Next Door, was an animation aired on Cartoon Network years ago. On it, was a character called Numbuh 3. All the kid characters on the show were pretty much called “Numbuh” followed by a number.  It turns out there’s a “legitimate” theory floating around that she’s all grown up and has joined…

Kevin’s Playing “Overwatch”


Join Nerdo’s very own Kevin as he plays “Overwatch.” No commentary – all gameplay. NOTE: Ignore the Uncharted 1 — 6 on the video – it’s from a past broadcast. The game played in the video below is definitely “Overwatch.” Watch live video from Kaythreevin on FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: