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ALCHEMSS Has Arrived On Nerdopotamus

Everyone! Help us welcome Jenna and Lisa of ALCHEMSS [Al-kuh-miss] to the NERDO NETWORK. They turn ordinary life into gold through comics and geek adventures. In the video below, they review issues number one and two of Marvel’s Rocket comic. For more ALCHEMSS, check out their YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Or their INSTAGRAM. FACEBOOK. Feel free to check out the rest of…

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[#ScatterKindness] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk the State of Content

Mikey, Jen, and Dex spill spirits all over the place as their conversation goes the same way moving from the joys of working retail to being a consumer, Secret Empire, The Flash, Iron Fist, Dexter’s cracked all to hell tablet, and just the state of YouTube, content, social media, and the world in general. Yell at us on Twitter! Check…

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New Avengers Game Predictions

Marvel, often criticized for ignoring gamers past the casual scene, might be creating quality digital experiences for new generations. Question is, what are these new games and how will the hardcore scene react? The Daily Dorks talk about the new Avengers game that should spark new curiosity in comic book movie fans and game enthusiasts alike. The trailer that sparked…

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doctor strange

More Doctor Strange

Another trailer for “Doctor Strange” was released during the Olympics and it is awesome! Big surprise though, right? This movie has looked great from the beginning. From cast to director, every decision has been top notch. Can’t wait for it to release on November 4th. I’ll be there on opening night! FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Marvel Studios/Disney.

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Nerdo Gaming News – Episode 5 – John Cena as Hulk, Nintendo’s Wet, and Free Pokemon Mew Givaway!

Your host Norah returns this week discussing John Cena portraying Marvel’s popular character Hulk in a brand new mobile game for iOS and Android, what happens when rare Fallout memorabilia is ruined without warranty, and how the discipline of one young gamer manifested when he damaged a Nintendo 3DS handheld. Stick around until the end to figure out how you…

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Captain America: Civil War World Premiere Trailer

Captain America: Civil War could be the”Mini” Avengers film we’re all hoping for, judging by the hot trailer that recently released. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should be prepared to finally see what’s been culminating all of these years. Without actually describing in excruciating detail what happens in the trailer, why not click the play button? Marvel hires some of the best trailer cutters in the business, proving…

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SPOILERS: Jessica Jones Synopses Leak on Reddit

Earlier today, thanks to Reddit user idkmybffljill, the synopses for all of the upcoming episodes of “Jessica Jones” have leaked, and they sound incredible. Read on at your own risk, for there are spoilers involved. We’ll give you enough space to make your decision. If you’re still here, spoilers be damned. AKA Ladies Night: Jessica Jones is hired to find a…

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The Incognito NYCC Celebrities

I’ve been paying attention to San Diego and New York Comic Con ever since they’ve become super mainstream. They’re great places for all sorts of pop-culture and sub-cultures to cross pollinate. People get dressed up as their favorite characters from their favorite franchises, some of which are “cool” since they’re ultra obscure. Video game companies, film studios, and even Jerry Springer…

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