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New Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

If you watch “Arrow” or “The Flash,” then odds are you are fully torqued, and in waiting for the upcoming spinoff, entitled “Legends of Tomorrow.” It looks phenomenal so far. Now, thanks to this new trailer, it looks even better. My level of torque just went from a 10 to a 200 – what about you guys? Hit the comment…

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Talking Legends of Tomorrow + Some Quentin Lance Hate

If you’ve been watching the new seasons of “Arrow” and “Flash,” then you’ve noticed that the shows are clearly headed somewhere. They’re building something up. “Arrow” has gone much deeper on it than “Flash,” but the Emerald Archer has no choice. The production team decided to include Sarah, so now they have to explain how she came back from the dead. I’m talking…

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Iris and Diggle Play Guitar Hero

I’m watching “The Flash” right now – 8:44PM – October 20th, 2015. A few moments ago, a Guitar Hero commercial played, featuring Candice Patton and David Ramsey, and it was one of the most criminally lame things that I have ever seen. I actually can’t believe that somebody cleared it for production. It’s genuinely horrendous. Somebody needs to be fired!…

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