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[#DeanCainSucks] Let’s Get Drunk With Kyle Stout

Here’s your third piece of fun, nerds! In this week’s episode Mikey and Dex welcome longtime friend of the show Kyle Stout on to talk ALL the nonsense! “Logan,” “Lego Batman,” the strange case of Andre Cedeno, Mikey thinks Dean Cain is the best Superman, Stan Lee’s cock is wrinkly and Mr Manhattan’s isn’t really that big, and MUCH MORE!…

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Watch Suicide Squad Absolutely Free

On the fence when it comes to Suicide Squad? Do you really want to see it no matter what? Maybe you don’t have the cash to see it opening weekend. If you act today, and today only, there’s a chance you can see Warner Bros newest anti-hero film for nothing, or next to nothing, depending on your location.   If…

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