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[Flashback] Let’s Get Drunk and Make a Series Premiere

Here ya go nerds! I’m giving you three, THREE, THREE!!! bits of our show to introduce us to Nerdopotamus and THE CATHULU PODCAST NETWORK; and what better way to start it out than our series premiere? This is from the rough old days of our show but we certainly had an…interesting experience watching “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and sat down…

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New Avengers Game Predictions

Marvel, often criticized for ignoring gamers past the casual scene, might be creating quality digital experiences for new generations. Question is, what are these new games and how will the hardcore scene react? The Daily Dorks talk about the new Avengers game that should spark new curiosity in comic book movie fans and game enthusiasts alike. The trailer that sparked…

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Captain America: Civil War World Premiere Trailer

Captain America: Civil War could be the”Mini” Avengers film we’re all hoping for, judging by the hot trailer that recently released. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should be prepared to finally see what’s been culminating all of these years. Without actually describing in excruciating detail what happens in the trailer, why not click the play button? Marvel hires some of the best trailer cutters in the business, proving…

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