It’s A Revolushn

In the past few months Nerdopotamus discussed a slew of varied artists, including vastly different rockers. It’s not until now we are finally covering Psych Rock group, Revolushn. Go ahead and say the band’s name out-loud. The way it’s spelled is the way it’s pronounced, and the way it’s pronounced, slushy and conclusive, encompasses the lively tone from the trippy…

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Hello, Creeps! Episode 36: R. Caligula


The Creeps get a guest host as Davel is M.I.A. this week! Or is he? Going to have to listen to find out! Regardless, guest host and artist, Cha, joins us for some fun this week. Luckily, this mystery is accompanied by a story regarding a haunted couch and an incredibly Hispanic, bread-loving cryptid. If that wasn’t enough, you better…

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