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[#NotYourStraightMan] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk The Button

Mikey and Dex are joined by Coach from Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Wrasslin’ to drink ALL the booze and talk a ton of subjects including, but not limited to, Spider-man & the X-men and other old video games like Baseball Simulator 1000 and Mutant League Football, how much they miss the 90s, All That, Why Spongebob is actually an…

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puroresu world

Puroresu World: “Wartime”


The following story is just one tale from many in a series known as “Puroresu World,” where the world of professional wrestling is very much real and it is the means to all ends. Enjoy! He’s so much like his father. Such a fine solider…                   Rissy mused to herself, unknowingly staring out the window as her son continued to…

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vince mcmahon

Vince McMahon Crashed His Bentley

Earlier today, Vince McMahon got into a car crash less than a mile away from WWE Headquarters. This isn’t a joke. In fact, I wish I had a joke prepared. There has to be a “no chance”  reference here somewhere, but I can’t find it. All I can do is imagine Mr. McMahon, the character, stumbling out of his totaled…

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