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SHUDDER BUGS – EP 34: And The Lord Said Unto Him “Let There Be Corn”

Children of the Corn (1984) Get ready for this one! Today we’re drinking vodka galore and watching horror classic Children of the Corn 🌽 We talk work (how much poop do you get on you at work?), rent, adulting, child orgies brought to you in “It,” and weird children who look like 40-year-old men. Stephen King brings it again with…

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SHUDDER BUGS – EP 33: Something Spooky This Way Comes

Paranormal Activity (2007) This episode is our second attempt at getting drunk and watching 2007’s Paranormal Activity (no, not ParaNorman, but maybe next time). We get hard drunk on rom temp spiced rum, eat leftover nachos, and have cat conversations galore. We also get quite confused when things that are actually from the other Paranormal Activity movies never happen, but…

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