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Pizza and Pop Podcast, Episode 12: Jukebox Heroes

Host Josh Wells and a panel of guests discuss all things jukeboxes. They cover a range of jukebox related banter and build a list of jukebox commandments along the way. Also, glory holes. This episode’s panel: Angelique Londino- the Moses of jukebox Commandments Cowboy Steve- jukebox owner Zack Breheney- the king of Bayonne jukeboxes Dani Mania- hates your jukebox picks

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Pizza and Pop Podcast, Episode 8: Chris Cornell and Other Early 90’s Rock/Grunge Icons

Host Josh Wells and panel discuss Chris Cornell, early 90’s rock/grunge icons, Lollapalooza, drugs, radio, and the movie ‘Singles.’ panel: Dave Durkin- went to all the cool concerts Matt Reynolds- Perry Farrell kissed him Jeff Wolf-vocalist/fitness dude who slummed his diet to eat pizza and drink beer with us Dani What’s-Her-Face- grunge baby  

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Pizza and Pop Podcast, Episode 7: The Depressing Episode

On this week’s episode, host Josh Wells and the panel discuss sad music and movies, death, depression, and Kate Winslet’s tits. It’s more fun than it sounds. This week’s panel: Max Antonucci Chris Crespo Rob Garrison Dani What’s-Her-Face SIDE NOTE: This episode was recorded the day before the unfortunate passing of Chris Cornell, so there’s no mention of him or…

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