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[#Cicadas!] Secret Empire Finale

MikeyIsPissed is BACK in this episode! Find out what riles up ya boy TobaccoSuite as Mikey, Jen, and Dex drank up and talk the Death Note adaptation, Preacher season 2, the Inhumans premier, Defenders, and the Secret Empire finale. Enjoy, and don’t forget to drop your baby before starting the show! Make sure to give us a five star review…

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Kingdoms and Castles Review

If you’re new to the city building genre then Kingdoms and Castles is the perfect place to start. Its mechanics are easy to understand and quick to master and there isn’t really a lot of micromanaging. The Music and minimalistic art style also help to create a very relaxing experience. But while it has a solid foundation for what could…

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Hello, Creeps! Episode 40: Irrefutable Izzi


It feels like it’s been a while, but things are back to normal in the Boo Box. Coral, Fre and Davel get together and discuss the recently touring documentary Sir NoFace. They delve deep into the possibility of definitive proof of the existence of an afterlife, what their ghost hunting tv show would be like, and argue intensely about the…

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The Bit Boys and Hello, Creeps! Play Outlast! A Nerdo Network Colab!

IT’S A NERDO NETWORK COLAB! Bit Boys and Hello, Creeps team up to escape an insane asylum in Outlast! We start our journey with Hello,Creeps’ very own Carlos and Fredo! Nothing happened yet and we’re already scared! Like, comment, subscribe and all that good stuff. Love Ya! Follow us on instagram @bit_boys Like us on facebook @BitB0ys Bit Characters created by Dan Liuzzi…

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Pizza and Pop Podcast, Episode 12: Jukebox Heroes

Host Josh Wells and a panel of guests discuss all things jukeboxes. They cover a range of jukebox related banter and build a list of jukebox commandments along the way. Also, glory holes. This episode’s panel: Angelique Londino- the Moses of jukebox Commandments Cowboy Steve- jukebox owner Zack Breheney- the king of Bayonne jukeboxes Dani Mania- hates your jukebox picks

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