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Miserable Retail Slave. S05E12. “Cup of Bugs”

There’s online dating nonsense all throughout these precious podcast minutes, so hopefully you’re into that sort of thing. For example, find out what happened with that online dating message that was sent last week. Is THE ONE actually “The One” or is there a new one? Randy and Tommy are joined by special guest, The Ranty Bastard, formerly of “The Retail Rant”…

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Miserable Retail Slave: S05E11. “Did He Get The Ribs?”

This week, Randy and Tommy decide to start a new online dating app called “Gettin’ Randy” complete with a new “Online Mating Call” feature. They pitch the Homely Boyz of Mid-Michigan calendar and unleash some keg stand memories out into the world. Finally, Randy sends an online dating message on the podcast to a girl that they dub THE ONE.…

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Miserable Retail Slave: S05E10. “Shoot Your Shot 2K17”

  This week, Randy and Tommy talk about the aftermath of last week’s brutally honest episode. Should Randy get a second chance or is it time to revisit the “Wait It Out” movement? Time is short, so it’s time to shoot your shot. Plus, Randy talks about the struggle to give up sugar and Tommy discusses his wacky sitcom life. Somewhere along the…

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