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CBFU: From The Shop – June 21st, 2017

FROM THE SHOP has returned! This week, Isaac is joined by Sam as they discuss Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1, Cross Wind #1, Batman #25, and Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha! With bonus shout outs to everyone on the NERDO NETWORK: One of our own is also in need of help. If you’re so inclined, please click here to see what you…

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[#HydraCap] So IS Captain America a Nazi Now?

The conversation about Nick Spencer’s controversial storyline involving Captain America has been HEATED to say the very least. We’re here to try and make some sense of it and also some jokes. Please enjoy. And if you like this video, here’s two more: Meet Youtube’s most infamous and antagonistic DCEU stan: Our reasons why Bryan Singer should no longer be…

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[#ScatterKindness] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk the State of Content

Mikey, Jen, and Dex spill spirits all over the place as their conversation goes the same way moving from the joys of working retail to being a consumer, Secret Empire, The Flash, Iron Fist, Dexter’s cracked all to hell tablet, and just the state of YouTube, content, social media, and the world in general. Yell at us on Twitter! Check…

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short film


“Devil You Know” comes from our friends over at Narrow Bridge Films. It’s about a woman who is trying to win her father’s soul back from the devil and enlists a kind stranger to help her. Written By: Isaac Platizky Directed by Sam Platizky Director of Photography: Sean Feuer. Production & Post Production Audio: Joey Mosca. Gaffer Tony Pineiro. Starring:…

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red scare


Our friends over at Narrow Bridge Films are currently in production on a film called, “Yellow Scare,” which you can see a trailer for if you click HERE. It’s a sequel to “Red Scare,” the film you see linked below. Here’s the plot, cast. and crew, all via Narrow Bridge’s website: In the terrifying tempestuous time of the Cold War, the…

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Check Out Facial Animations From Injustice 2

ORIGINAL STORY May 15th, 2016 (12:02PM EST): Let me preface by saying, I was a huge fan of “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” It was one of my favorite fighting games I’ve played in years. My relationship with the game was strong. I owned a copy, bought a second one for the statue (which sadly broke), played the “remastered version” well before…

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[#Spoilers!] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk GotG V2

Good news, everyone! You can listen up to the 50 minute mark of this episode, spoiler free! After that? Expect us to talk EVEN LESS about Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2! Instead, we’re delving in to what REALLY matters! The upcoming Arnold Schwarzennagheheha movie, AFTERMATH! Enjoy!   Yell at us on twitter: Tweets by drunkcomicsfans

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