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Miserable Retail Slave podcast: S05E30. “Narc Narc Jokes”

This time, Randy and Tommy get real nostalgic as they talk about childhood movies that impacted them. The list includes Batman (1989), Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Wizard, The Monster Squad and more. The guys also talk about how the holiday season can be the most horrible time of year for retail workers everywhere. Brothers in Retail, we’re all in…

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Miserable Retail Slave podcast: S05E29. “Plywood Apologies”

This week, Randy witnesses an epic attempt at a public apology from a man who did a woman wrong. Hear all about this panicked Romeo’s plywood apology and whether or not it could possibly work. Do ever have someone repeat the same annoying question to you every single day? That’s the problem that has been plaguing Randy lately. There are…

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Hello, Creeps! Episode 49: Sacradelicious


The Creeps do their best to bring a childhood nightmare of Fredo’s back to life as OJ weasels his way back into the news. This time, however, he’s the one who’s scared! That’s right, fuck you OJ! I AIN’T SCARED NO MORE. Ahem, in other news… Davel takes down a different type of darkness hole with a sex cult involving…Chloe…

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Miserable Retail Slave podcast: S05E27. “Joe Khaki and the Infinite Misery”

In this episode, Randy and Tommy rant about having daily morning rituals. Tommy acquires a license to marry (watch out ladies) and then declares Stephen King to be better than William Shakespeare. Plus, find out why cavemen had it easy and get a pro-tip on what you should tell someone to take when they say they’ve just been shot.

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SHUDDER BUGS – EP 39: Do You Believe in Magic, in a Young Pumpkin’s Heart?

Trick ‘r Treat (2007) Kaeley’s Halloween tradition continues this week with our foray into the dark joys of 2007’s Trick ‘r Treat. We talk exclusively about sandwiches from Sherbrook Street Delicatessen (a Winnipeg delight), how to clean up after peeing yourself or pooping your pants, what it’s like to be married, how not to clean your bathroom, freaky robot sex,…

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Miserable Retail Slave: S05E26. “Podcast Bachelor Party”

In this episode, we do the thing that you’re supposed to right before your good chum gets married…it’s a BACHELOR PARTY for Tommy…but in podcast form. Featuring special appearances by: Juliette Miranda & David the Producer from “The Unwritable Rant” podcast, TRB from “Welcome to Rantyville”, Nick from “Epic Film Guys”, Jake and Tom from “Jake and Tom Conquer the…

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