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HundredMillionThousand Debut Album

Alright people, I’m irked. HundredMillionThousand only has 62 followers on Soundcloud as of publishing this. This artist is criminally underrated. HundredMillionThousand, HMT for short, dropped a fire track titled “Yalda” from his suspenseful debut album called lp1. Produced in what sounds to have been a clean environment with the best noise-free preamps money could afford, “Yalda” outperforms hundreds of traditionally…

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Omiqron6 Introduces World To A New Kind of Lighting

No Futurama fans, this isn’t some new album created by Matt Groenig and co. This is an album straight out of Mexico by emerging artist Omiqron6, titled A New Kind of Lighting. Omiqron6 is different for most folks. If you’re a gamer, you’re going to understand the music. Most of these songs have comparable motifs to early Sega Genesis and…

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The Psyatics Keep It Pretty & Grim In Famous Monsters

“Punk’s not dead” should be the slogan for The Psyatics and their third and latest full length album release, Famous Monsters. Part punk, part surf, part garage, and part shifty blues carefully blended with temporarily inharmonious strings sum up a track listing that take listeners on an ever-crashing wave of nervousness in Famous Monsters. The album itself shouts lyrical atrocities…

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Pizza and Pop Podcast, Episode 7: The Depressing Episode

On this week’s episode, host Josh Wells and the panel discuss sad music and movies, death, depression, and Kate Winslet’s tits. It’s more fun than it sounds. This week’s panel: Max Antonucci Chris Crespo Rob Garrison Dani What’s-Her-Face SIDE NOTE: This episode was recorded the day before the unfortunate passing of Chris Cornell, so there’s no mention of him or…

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Saint Blasphemer’s Theotokos Brings Meaning To Music

UPDATE 5/23/2017: This article has been edited after it was fact checked that Theotokos is not Saint Blasphemer’s first album. Simon Templar is the band’s first EP. My opinions on the band and their music are well reflected and remain unchanged. ORIGINAL STORY: Growing with an album was once art in itself. Such art is abandoned in preference to over…

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darts in lovers' eyes

Darts In Lovers’ Eyes

An Original Piece By: Davel F. Hamue “Darts In Lovers’ Eyes” is the name of the image you see above (see the full version below), created by Davel, one of the stars of our newest podcast, “Hello, Creeps!” We’ve wanted to showcase original art here on Nerdopotamus for some time, and we’re beyond thrilled to start with this piece. The…

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