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[#SJWmarvel?] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Marvel’s Sales Slump

Diversity is killing Marvel comics? That’s the gist of what fans got out of Sales VP David Gabriel’s recent comments at a retailer summit and basically EVERYONE in comics fandom had an opinion, many of whom were youtubers who have been railing against those dang ol’ SJWs for some time now; but is diversity really the problem? Or could it…

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from the shop

CBFU: From The Shop – June 21st, 2017

FROM THE SHOP has returned! This week, Isaac is joined by Sam as they discuss Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1, Cross Wind #1, Batman #25, and Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha! With bonus shout outs to everyone on the NERDO NETWORK: One of our own is also in need of help. If you’re so inclined, please click here to see what you…

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ALCHEMSS Has Arrived On Nerdopotamus

Everyone! Help us welcome Jenna and Lisa of ALCHEMSS [Al-kuh-miss] to the NERDO NETWORK. They turn ordinary life into gold through comics and geek adventures. In the video below, they review issues number one and two of Marvel’s Rocket comic. For more ALCHEMSS, check out their YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Or their INSTAGRAM. FACEBOOK. Feel free to check out the rest of…

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Wonder Woman Review (Full Spoilers)

Some of us were lucky enough to see Wonder Woman early. Here are 100% unfiltered, spoiler filled, thoughts on the movie! Support the channel! Get updates here! Intro music by MyNewSoundtrack! Check out his channel!…

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Games Of Thrones & Wonder Woman Impressions

Welcome back to another full episode of Pass The Salt, the Internets saltiest gaming talk show! Daily Dorks break down the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer, talk about Wonder Woman, Twin Peaks, and more! Support the channel! Get updates here! Intro music by MyNewSoundtrack! Check out his channel!…

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[#AlamoDrafthouse] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk the All Women’s Wonder Woman Screening

Coach joins the crew again this week as they slurp on sizzurp and discuss Apple v Android, Manga translations and cussin’, the rainbow of Johnny Walker flavors, spoilers for Attack on Titan, the shirtless boy network (CW) and the Flash finale, Aisha Tyler, so many more things, and Stephen Miller’s decision to buy a ticket to the women’s only screening…

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[#NotYourStraightMan] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk The Button

Mikey and Dex are joined by Coach from Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Wrasslin’ to drink ALL the booze and talk a ton of subjects including, but not limited to, Spider-man & the X-men and other old video games like Baseball Simulator 1000 and Mutant League Football, how much they miss the 90s, All That, Why Spongebob is actually an…

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[#HydraCap] So IS Captain America a Nazi Now?

The conversation about Nick Spencer’s controversial storyline involving Captain America has been HEATED to say the very least. We’re here to try and make some sense of it and also some jokes. Please enjoy. And if you like this video, here’s two more: Meet Youtube’s most infamous and antagonistic DCEU stan: Our reasons why Bryan Singer should no longer be…

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[#ScatterKindness] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk the State of Content

Mikey, Jen, and Dex spill spirits all over the place as their conversation goes the same way moving from the joys of working retail to being a consumer, Secret Empire, The Flash, Iron Fist, Dexter’s cracked all to hell tablet, and just the state of YouTube, content, social media, and the world in general. Yell at us on Twitter! Check…

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