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SHUDDER BUGS – EP 14: We’re Raising Hell! Hallelujah! – We’re Raising Hell! Hail Satan!

Hellraiser (1987) Where do I even begin with this episode… Let’s be honest, this was very nearly a lost episode. The recording issues were a bit much, so please forgive the sound! In this episode we watch horror classic, “Hellraiser!” We get… I can’t even describe the level of drunk. We get so drunk that during the review, we’ve already forgotten…

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SHUDDER BUGS – EP 12: Adam Sandler Gives Us Silly Willys!

Happy Gilmore (1996) Welcome to our podcast, the Silly Willys! For those of you who don’t know, this is a podcast where bffs Kaeley and Sam get drunk and watch comedies. In this episode we get wine-drunk and watch Adam Sandler’s classic, “Happy Gilmore.” We’re chatty, we’re tipsy, and we can’t stop the laughter! Nothing quite gets the giggles going like…

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SHUDDER BUGS – EP 09: We’ve Got Nothing, So Here’s Poltergeist

Poltergeist (2015) In this episode, we watch the remake of “Poltergeist.“ If you haven’t heard us complain before, you’d better be ready for it now! We get good and tipsy and somehow manage to get through this unfortunate remake. So make yourself a vodka drink and listen to us yammer on about how much better the original was. FEATURED IMAGE…

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the thing

SHUDDER BUGS – Manitoba’s Own “Simon XXX” Super Sexy Special Guest Episode

The Thing (1982) In this episode, we get trashed with our special guest Simon (film industry “expert”), watch “The Thing,” and discuss Manitoba’s robust porn industry. If you want to learn more about how to maintain speech when very drunk, this is not the episode for you! But we do talk a lot about Winnipeg’s Phallus Palace and The Vagazzle…

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evil dead

SHUDDER BUGS – EP 07: Oooooh That Vine Doesn’t Go There!

Evil Dead (2013) No, we didn’t watch the original this time, but we sure did enjoy 2013’s reboot of Evil Dead. In this episode we cover joint bank accounts, dead babies, and our budding  alcoholism! We’re drunk, we’re scared (again), and we’re grossed out. Listen as we scream in terror and make fun of all the idiocy! FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: ©…

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