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SHUDDER BUGS – EP 11: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Scream… Scream


Scream (1996) In this episode, we get fully trashed on vodka and watch one of our favorites, cult classic, “Scream.” We rant, we rave, we get out of control! If you want to hear about bloody gore, 90’s nips, chainsawing pubes, and that sweet delayed video recording, this is the podcast for you. We go…

SHUDDER BUGS – EP 09: We’ve Got Nothing, So Here’s Poltergeist


Poltergeist (2015) In this episode, we watch the remake of “Poltergeist.“ If you haven’t heard us complain before, you’d better be ready for it now! We get good and tipsy and somehow manage to get through this unfortunate remake. So make yourself a vodka drink and listen to us yammer on about how much better…

SHUDDER BUGS – Manitoba’s Own “Simon XXX” Super Sexy Special Guest Episode

the thing

The Thing (1982) In this episode, we get trashed with our special guest Simon (film industry “expert”), watch “The Thing,” and discuss Manitoba’s robust porn industry. If you want to learn more about how to maintain speech when very drunk, this is not the episode for you! But we do talk a lot about Winnipeg’s…


My Bloody Valentine (2009) Welcome to our super sexy special Valentine’s Day episode! For such a romantic occasion, we watch My Bloody Valentine from 2009, starring the increasingly more attractive Jensen Ackles. So curl up, grab a bottle of wine, and listen as we get drunk and rowdy and enjoy this classic Valentine’s movie.