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[#Flashback] Superman: The MUSICAL?

Time once again to jump into the wayback machine and go all the way back to one of our earliest episodes, where we talk Superman: the 1975 TV Musical. It’s…man, just play the episode, it’s ridiculous. Don’t forget to go on iTunes and give a 5 star review for Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics.¬†Oh,…

[#DeanCainSucks] Let’s Get Drunk With Kyle Stout

Here’s your third piece of fun, nerds! In this week’s episode Mikey and Dex welcome longtime friend of the show Kyle Stout on to talk ALL the nonsense! “Logan,” “Lego Batman,” the strange case of Andre Cedeno, Mikey thinks Dean Cain is the best Superman, Stan Lee’s cock is wrinkly and Mr Manhattan’s isn’t really…

[Flashback] Nick Fury Can’t Be Black?!!

Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics’ first ever YouTube video was on the very contentious subject of race-recasting/race-bending in comic book adaptations. If you have any thoughts please tell us we’re dickheads on the YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe! And hit us up on the Tweeter!

[Flashback] Let’s Get Drunk and Make a Series Premiere

Here ya go nerds! I’m giving you three, THREE, THREE!!! bits of our show to introduce us to Nerdopotamus and THE CATHULU PODCAST NETWORK; and what better way to start it out than our series premiere? This is from the rough old days of our show but we certainly had an…interesting experience watching “Avengers: Age…