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Bit Boys – Super Mario World – Episode 1

super mario world

Let’s welcome Bit Boys to Their names are Doug and Sami, but I’m going to let them introduce themselves on their own, whenever they’re ready to. For now, I’m happy to share this first episode of them playing, “Super Mario World.” It was so funny, it legitimately made me laugh so hard that I cried. Check it…

My Problems With The Current Filmic Superman


Or: Y U Do Dis, Deborah Snyder? When it comes to the DCEU version of Superman, I have always tried to bite my tongue. At its core, the character of Clark Kent/Superman is open to all sorts of interpretations. Who am I to come along and shit all over the current filmic incarnation? Then Deborah…

Short Story: “Homer The Saint”

short story

Homer has lived his life up until this point by the morals and ideals he had hammered into him as a child. A combination of comic book superheroes and a rather solid upbringing made something of a do-gooder out of Homer, putting others ahead of himself every chance he could.   Until now.   Cause…

Batista Punked Out My Buddy


This didn’t happen recently. In fact, it was almost ten years ago. WWE brought back ECW. Most fans call it WWECW, because it was the famously extreme promotion put through a WWE lens. At first, it really wasn’t bad. The show was given some time to breathe. Paul Heyman was in charge, and he gave…

The Pro Wrestling Magic SuperShow

pro wrestling magic

Pro Wrestling Magic is a developing wrestling promotion based out of northern New Jersey. On April 23rd, 2016, they held their SuperShow, which also served as a one year anniversary celebration. Talent was assembled from all over, and a brand new champion was crowned. The show began with the arrival of PWM’s President, Chad Adams. He hit…