“Vandura” from The Rightly So is Fantastic

Welcome to yet another special edition of NERDO DOES MUSIC. On this installment, we’re covering the relentlessly busy band known as The Rightly So and their album, entitled “Vandura.” This is a group that has toured constantly, building up an impressive resume of accolades. This eternally occupied lifestyle inspired their new album.

To hear them tell it:

“We’ve spent the last year and a half living out of our homemade RV built inside an old Verizon work truck, traveling over 40,000 miles and playing shows in over 20 states. “Vandura” is the culmination of 18 months of adventures, a collection of stories we’ve watched unfold and all of the places we’ve been. Living on the road has given us an entirely new perspective that has permeated this album to its core. It’s a layered look into the many facets of what it’s like to travel the back roads of America in an old van for a living, and our love for this new lifestyle that we’ve embraced is a constant theme.”

It’s a wonderful album, filled with thoughtful music and beautiful tunes. The group has a knack for their folksy style. They reminded me of The Lumineers in a great way.. There isn’t a bad song on the album and the vocal work is tremendous. It’s a truly wonderful album to sit and listen to in full. I was injured back in August of last year and I’m still recovering, so I have gotten into stretches where I’ll listen to music to pass the day, instead of watching nonstop movies or television. This album is definitely going onto my playlist.

And it should definitely go onto yours!

1. Black and Blue
2. You Can Bet On Me
3. Honest Kind of Peace
4. Ball and Chain
5. All These Things
6. Dying Day
7. Devil’s Work
8. Nothing But The Weather
9. Good Luck and Godspeed
10. The Lucky Ones
11. Not Coming Home

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