“My Mind” from CAIN Blows My Mind

Welcome to the final edition of today for NERDO DOES MUSIC. On this last installment, we are covering the new single, entitled “My Mind,” from New York based alternative electro pop artist¬†CAIN,¬†solo project of Jacob Anthony Cain. This single is a certified banger, coupling big production with an impassioned message from an artist with something to say. Jacob Anthony Cain, or CAIN, has performed off broadway, in a feature film, and he wrote all his songs on an acoustic guitar before production.

Here, he says a few words about his new single, “My Mind:”

“This song is about trying to save someone from a world that’s falling apart. I was frustrated about the way things have been going in America in politics, pop culture, and the media in general, and I wrote this song about trying to get someone to basically wake up and rescue them from the grasp of the system. The song is about not just waking somebody up, but realizing that we can be better in this world, or at least that’s the way I see it in “My Mind.”

Shockingly, only 22 years old and now on a creative roll, CAIN released his energetic, EDM-soaked new single “My Mind” on July 26th with the help of producer David Schoenwetter. You can check it out below. It brings to mind artists like Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots in all the best ways. It’s truly a mind blower from a talented young prodigy of an artist. Think about how good this guy will be in years, if he’s only 22 now.

It’s going to be insane. Keep an eye on CAIN, he’s an artist to watch for sure.

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Joseph Finnegan