Healing Spells Brings You “Vestiges”

Welcome to today’s edition of NERDO DOES MUSIC. This time, we cover a fantastic album from an artist named Healing Spells. Trust me, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and stream this album, entitled “Vestiges.”

It is a visceral listen, full of deep, soulful sounds that’ll have you vibing for days. The artist does a wonderful job communicating his thoughts on the human spirit and experience through his sound. It’s the type of album you throw on when you’re a bit down in the dumps, and it’ll take you on a journey of self discovery inside your mind.

A track from a past EP

Coming from Tokyo, Healing Spells is the solo vehicle of electronica music producer Past Lives.

To hear him tell it:

“I never learnt or made music the traditional way. I learnt guitar very late, when I was in my late teens to set – up my first band with a friend at the Uni. We were a duo and made garage – folk rock tunes.

After a while, I looked into Electronic Music and the art of sampling to explore soundscapes reflecting my experience travelling. I have been living for 6 years and counting in Japan, but the decisive experience came from 3 months I spent in India, where I was overwhelmed mentally and physically by the harshness and spirituality of the country. It has become my main source of inspiration since then. I am also inspired by quiet walks in the nature, Buddhist temples in the mountains, ans sci-fi books.

My life outside of music is simply not that interesting, and I wish the music I make would speak for itself.”

“Vestiges” by Healing Spells was released on September 13th.

1. Altitude 3:34
2. Through The City 2:38
3. Diver’s Ascent 3:40
4. Vestiges 3:22
5. Les Cimes 7:19
6. Early Morning Rituals 2:40
7. Voices From The Ocean 4:25
8. Shivani’s Song 4:22
9. Red Island 3:51
10. Sentinel 7:26

Youtube Channel

Contact Details:
Artist Contact: Healingspellsjp@gmail.com
Press Contact: james@independentmusicpromotions.com

“Vestiges” by Healing Spells

Joseph Finnegan