Certified Banger Alert – “Hot Wheelz” by Robbie Z

It has been a little while but I am here again, ready to drop another edition of NERDO DOES MUSIC on you guys. If you are a fan of the hilarious PARKS AND RECREATION, then you know a one Tom Haverford has a simple question that determines his music tastes.

Is it a banger?

“Hot Wheelz” by Robbie Z is not only a banger, it is a certified banger. Before we get there, let’s take a second to intro the artist.

He is a sixteen year old Bulgarian hip-hop/pop artist, who has already been practicing and developing his musical ability for two years now. Z’s first single titled “Copy-Paste” got released in 2018, following up “Gucci On Me” and the lead single to his debut mixtape, “TLTM”!

The unexpected success of “Copy-Paste” motivated Z to continue to push and writing and performing his own music, as well as his own videos.

In 2018 Robbie released three singles and in 2019 his debut mixtape titled “REBELLIOUZ” is set to be released any time before summer! “Hot Wheelz” is the second single of of “REBELLIOUZ”!

Check it out below!

Tell me you didn’t bump your head to that! This kid has a huge, bright future ahead of him. Even if you didn’t appreciate the music, look at the video elements on display in that video. The cinematography is crisp and full of depth and colors. The artist is using the time to try and get across a message. He has something to say to his critics and trolls. It’s an incredibly well made video.

I can’t stress enough how bright this kid’s future is. At his age, I was making stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t anywhere near this polished. To show such an ability at his age makes it very clear that Robbie Z is going to go and conquer the world.

As long as he continues to push himself to better his craft, Robbie Z will be someone to keep your eyes on for years to come.


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