“A New City” by Eddy Yang Is a Killer EP

Welcome back to the special bonus edition of NERDO DOES MUSIC for today, the 16th of April. Earlier, we covered “Hot Wheelz,” a certified banger from a young Bulgarian artist named Robbie Z. Now, we move onto an indie rock musician by the name of Eddy Yang.

Eddy is an Asian American artist, based out of Los Angeles. His unique and exciting rock sound consists of energetic guitar riffs over electronic beats. His influences stretch from classic rock artists like The Velvet Underground, Television, and Bruce Springsteen to modern artists like Kanye West, Beach House, and Chvrches. This unique style combines rock n roll mythology with an Asian American perspective.

For “A New City,” the EP we are covering here, Eddy utilized an earnest, DIY approach to his music, wearing his heart and influences on his sleeve. Impressively, he also wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered everything on the EP.

When speaking of his work on “A New City,” Eddy said:

“A New City EP was inspired by a trip to NYC, though it was recorded in Los Angeles, my hometown. I remember being inspired and wide-eyed while walking through NYC at night. A New City EP is about the feeling of being young and alive, when the world is still innocent and full of possibilities. It’s also about finding yourself – who you’re meant to be.”

You can stream the full EP via Spotify.

It is a wonderful, soulful EP from an artist with something to say. The music itself is easy and fun to listen to. You won’t have a problem sitting back and taking in the full experience. As I listened, I was able to really sit back and veg out to the EP, enjoying Eddy’s take on his experiences roaming around New York City and the thoughts it inspired. As someone who has spent plenty of time in the city (I live across the river in Bergen County, NJ), it is quite the daunting experience.

I was able to close my eyes and see the city at night. It was a great experience. Do yourself a favor and click that link to stream Eddy Yang’s new EP “A New City.”

Or, you can press play on the video below (or the one above) to get sample tracks.

You can find Eddy Yang at:

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