“Spark” by Todd Warner Moore Is Hot Fire

Welcome to today’s edition of Nerdo Does Music, a recurring series here where foul language abounds. Recently, I’ve covered some fantastic bangers from Lord Sunny the Unifier, Post Death Soundtrack, and Big Terror (feat. Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench). Up next, we have Todd Warner Moore and his new album, entitled “Spark.”

As always, we begin with an artist bio:

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, U.S.A., Todd Warner Moore has penned a diverse catalogue of music over time. His newest album contains dashes of Folk, Americana, 70s Singer/Songwriter, Classical, Jazz, and Gipsy music.

In the 90s, Todd co-wrote songs and toured with Acoustic Juice through the American Midwest, delivering ery songs to students in college towns.

Later, in Budapest, Hungary, he performed solo melodies in tea houses, where his expat band Tea Thieves would come to life. Over several years, the energetic band would release three albums.

Before leaving Hungary, he nished his album titled Long Days. Todd has lived on Lamma Island in Hong Kong for the last eight years, where he plays at small festivals and pubs.

He has just completed his newest album, Spark, his second in 2018.

Todd’s work contains so much of what I love. I’ve always been into folk music and the 1970’s in general. I don’t think music from the 70’s is the best like I do with film, but I am a big fan of the 1970’s singer songwriter, especially Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. Listening to “Spark” brought that to the surface. It is a beautiful listen, both lyrically and musically. I found it very easy to get lost in. I promise you’ll feel the same.

If you’re a fan of folk music, I definitely suggest you listen to all of “Spark.”

Stream “Spark” via Bandcamp or Spotify.

As I did yesterday, we’ll engage in a hypothetical for a bit. Let’s say you don’t like dope music. Soulful, wonderfully composed, lyrically beautiful music that’ll make you feel things. Let’s go with that. How you’re dead inside and what not. Don’t take my word for it!

“Todd Warner Moore is a singer and songwriter with a passion for warm acoustic melodies. His songs are filled with earnest lyrics and honest storytelling, echoing some of the masters of the craft. From Bob Dylan to Elliott Smith, to Ryan Adams and The Tallest Man On Earth. What really stands out about Todd’s music is certainly its remarkable simplicity. Todd is really all about exploring back-to-basics solutions, keeping his music pure and spontaneous” – The Bandcamp Diaries

Do yourself a favor and stay on the lookout for Todd Warner Moore.

I know I will!

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