“The Starman” by Lord Sunny the Unifier Is a Certified Banger

Welcome back to another edition of Nerdo Does Music. For today’s music, we are looking at a talented new group named Lord Sunny the Unifier and their banger of a single entitled “The Starman.”

As expected, we begin with a short biography to introduce you all to the group known as Lord Sunny the Unifier:

“Brooklyn-based alternative rock band Lord Sonny The Unifier is lead by Gregory Jiritano. Jiritano began playing guitar at age 8, formed his first band band at age 12, and began playing in NYC bars at age 16.

After the loss of his recording studio to a fire in 2015, he had to throw in the towel – and his unfinished album – or regroup.

He regrouped. Jiritano conspired with good friend Carmine Covelli to play drums, soon met Tyler Wood, a keyboard-wizard-freak and sound guru, Tyler swore by his good friend Derek Nievergelt on Bass, and thus Lord Sonny the Unifier was formed…and album completed.”

Along with the single itself, there comes an ambitious music video directed by BD Pironti. This is my favorite way to take in the song, personally. Check out the visuals in this. If you have any interest in filmmaking, you’re going to love what you’re about to see.

The video is as much of a banger as the song:

How cool was that? I’ve watched this back multiple times. I can’t help myself. Look at the photography. It’s impeccable. The colors on the tracking shot that starts at 1:28 are so vivid and I love the way the white of his wardrobe stands out against them.

Did that video make you want to hear more? Here is how you can find the group on social media:


Maybe my word isn’t enough. Maybe you don’t like fantastic music that strikes all the right chords. Music that can somehow successfully remind you of David Bowie, Motorhead, and The Kills, all at the same time. Maybe you need some more positive reviews.

Well, here you go:

“A fresh take on modern day garage rock.” – Alternative Nation.net

“A victorious artistic statement.” – DOPECAUSEWESAID

“A blast of smooth distortion.” – Raised by Gypsies

“Cool, swaggering and gritty streetwise vibe.” – Musoscribe

“Exhilarating potential.” – Obscure Sound

“This will never be accused of being derivative or contrived.” – The Farsighted

“This could be a lost track from the Sons Of Anarchy soundtrack.” – Rekt Chords Magazine

“One of the more unique music videos you’ll see this year.” – Rock on Philly

“Gregory Jiritano howls and grinds and whispers, he prowls and jabs and rather cunningly uses his voice as rhythmically as he does melodically.” – NOHO Arts District

“This band is ahead of the game, and understands that the future is in their hands.” – Life Beyond The Music

Those are some damn fine reviews that I couldn’t agree with more.

Lord Sunny the Unifier
Cover art by visionary artist Shaun Friesen of Soulfire Media. 

Allow me to finish up with a quote from the group:

“Capturing that spirit of Realness is a very important part of this music; to honor the greats before us and to pay homage to them and to the Spirit of music for the sake of its’ original and basic truth; to sing from the soul, of the soul and to communicate with this universal language to the universe of humanity with no distractions other than its’ own poetic aims.” – Lord Sonny the Unifier

Do yourself a favor and keep your eyes peeled for anything from Lord Sunny the Unifier. I know I will!

PS: Enjoy a Behind the Scenes look at the music video by clicking HERE.

Joseph Finnegan