“It Will Come Out of Nowhere” by Post Death Soundtrack Is Vitriolic Ambition

As you may know, we sometimes cover music here at Nerdopotamus.net. Today’s venture into that world comes from a group called POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK and their soon to be released album “It Will Come Out of Nowhere.”

“It Will Come Out of Nowhere” by POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK is described as an exploration of “when calamity comes knocking unexpectedly on your door inspired by betrayal, divorce, personal loss and other blind-sided knocks to the ego.”

Before we go any further, let’s introduce you to the band. Conceived in the dirty back rooms and underground clubs of the freezing Calgary, Canada, POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK initially took inspiration from the same groups that drove young musicians in cities like Austin and Detroit.

The original duo behind the band was KENNETH BUCK and STEVE MOORE. Through their work, they took aim at the government, religion, and mainstream ideology with a palpable rage and clearly set sarcasm. Their debut album, 2008’s Music as Weaponry, pulled together the brash nature of Skinny Puppy and Ministry with the hypnotic feeling of Portishead and Massive Attack to deliver an engrossing musical experience.

Check out a preview for “Music as Weaponry”

On the heels of their first album, JON IRESON was recruited to the lineup, adding his own brand of psychedelia to the mix. From there, the group set out to create their deep dive inward, The Unlearning Curve. It was a wonderful love letter to 60s and 70s psychedelic rock, as well as the nebulous electronica that came out of Britain from the likes of Underworld and a techno-age David Bowie.

Now, POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK are back with their most ambitious and vitriolic collection to date, “It Will Come Out of Nowhere.” The group, now streamlined back to a duo, has Ireson at the reins of the sprawling production while Moore takes us on a trip through his tempestuous psyche.

Doom, hip-hop and Indian raga spill into the DNA of the album, giving it an unparalleled sonic breadth.

The sardonic trudge-hop of the lead single ‘Chosen Sons’ takes woozy mellotron strings and splices in cryptic samples, digital dive-bombs, a serene Arabian breakdown, and a punishing final statement amid the roars of beasts. ‘Expect No Sympathy’ opens with a hoard descending on a village in a surreal wild west scene before launching into a tirade of cold justice. Trumpeting guitar leads and flurries of piano lead the traitor to the gallows. Hip-hop meets doom metal on this stomping hell ride.

Redemption can be found on the B side of the record with the Indian cadence of ‘Benediction’ (featuring Lyndsay Johnston) or the zen freedom of ‘Pathless Land’ but the final word comes in the form of the devastating ‘Bridge Burner’. A ten-minute epic that boils over with venomous indictments. The fiery eruptions of the song’s opening tirade thicken to oozing lava as the juggernaut slows to a pummeling, sludgy crawl, eventually turning to stone.

“It Will Come Out of Nowhere” is out February 15th, 2019.

Original artwork and custom slipcase/packaging by Colin Everall

The band has given it a Limited edition double vinyl (2LP) release, complete with original artwork and custom slipcase/packaging by Colin Everall.

Comes in standard LP cover.

Mastered for vinyl by Tom Baker Mastering..  

Pre-orders are available via Bandcamp. Stream or download the album privately via this EPK.

The band also completed an ambitious CGI music video for lead single “Chosen Sons”, also with Colin Everall at the helm.
“This music video was a departure for me – using CGI as oppose to live-action – and was a whole new way of getting creative. Thank you Jon and Steve for this opportunity to put to screen some darker depths.” – Video creator Colin Everall

Watch the “Chosen Sons” music video on Youtube. Stream “Chosen Sons” via Spotify.

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Genres: Electro-Industrial, Alternative, Doom, Metal, Experimental Rock, Progressive Rock, Dark Ambient
Credits: All artwork and photos by Colin Everall

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