The Slang’s “Desperate Times”

The Slang is the type of band that knows no city limits. In fact, the band has recorded their songs in a variety of cities in order to hone in on new feelings. The Slang claims it’s how they capture “…the vibe and feel of each city…” and that it’s important for them “…as a band.”

It’s not unusual for musicians and bands to record on-the-go, but The Slang takes that extra step to write music and have it intentionally packaged by professional sound engineers in different studios in a new city every time. It seems true that their music stretched over time has an inherently different “vibe,” as The Slang would put it.

The Slang’s most recent EP, titled Desperate Times, has five tracks, each with their own special positioning. Listening to the EP in order feels like the band’s efforts to producer their music is as intense as their desire to travel and make music everywhere they go.

You can find their latest EP on Spotify / Soundcloud.

You’ll find yourself spending a fair amount of time listening to “Back to the Fact,” “Breakdown”, “Harm,” “Is it Any,” and “Headstart,” which makes up the EP’s track listing.

I’ve always sort of liked EPs, because it normally doesn’t feel like there’s any fluff, and Desperate Times follows that anti-fluff silent ruling.

The Slang’s music videos also tend to encapsulate a style of their own. By attending some of the videos included below, notice their light bar set ups and the real-estate the band inhabits on set. Whether it’s due to budget constraints, creative, or both, the style is welcomed and applauded for its craftiness and perkiness.


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Daniel Mihailescu