Brother Brother’s New Single “With My Eyes Wide Open”

Brother Brother is a folk-hop band that have played over six-hundred concerts in three years. Their previous album, The New Kids, reached the number two spot on iTunes New Release Charts. I myself have gotten through a lot of long road trips zipping around while jamming out to their rousing songs. These folks know how to rock and their stamina is inspiring.

Brother Brother has returned with a hot new single, “With My Eyes Wide Open.” I would describe it as folk-hop, respectively. Folk-hop is a genre of music that has been gaining mainstream attention over the last few years, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A little bit of modern folk, lots of fresh beats, and a dash of alternative rock for pacing.

Brother Brother takes a professional tone with their latest single, giving fans what they want to hear if they’re simply in the mood to rock out but also doesn’t ignore the audience that listens to music searching for deep lyrical influence.

“With My Eyes Wide Open” meshes everything together offering a little piece of music for everyone. It’s energetic, quick, affectionate, and most of all, it’s fun!

Go ahead and give their latest single “With My Eyes Wide Open” a listen on Spotify or SoundcloudBrother Brother describes their single as coming from “… a very personal and emotional place.”

If you haven’t heard Brother Brother before now, look at their pages listed below and introduce yourself to The New Kids too!

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Daniel Mihailescu