Good Field – Surface Tension

Jim Eno of Spoon and James Petralli of White Denim have found success in their 2018 musical release, Surface Tension by Good Field.

Though Good Field has members of well known projects, Good Field was a band that flew under my radar. That’s mostly because their prior records collected little recognition compared to Surface Tension.

While exploring past tracks, I’ve noticed a telling progression into this year’s release. Good Field performs in consistent accordance among instruments providing a superior listening experience.

Lending an ear to Good Field this year versus years past is one spectacular re-entrance for the band and their loyal fans, and a remarkable entrance for newcomers pursuing artistic modern rock.

“Necessary Feeling,” a track on Surface Tension, sports a painfully under-watched music video (at the time of writing, the video has under 700 views). Good Field and their production team had serious brass for printing something visually probing yet tactile. Clocking in at a little over four minutes, the expertly produced song is augmented by representative characters interpreted by hardworking band members, with wardrobe changes, precise cuts forging inhuman movements, and a subtle change in storytelling in what I would describe the “second-act” halfway through the video.

The music video was very well done for the obvious small budget it had, comparatively speaking. Despite the video’s style having been tried before, Necessary Feeling’s adaptation levitates over sequacious, nevertheless proving its originality during its ultimate mark.

Good Field’s indefatigable determination to be noticed worldwide is made for display throughout Surface Tension, now available.

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Daniel Mihailescu