Crooked Flower Blooms in Summer

I’ve found it incredibly difficult to get through an album as of late. I wasn’t sure what was going on or what I was looking for, especially after seeing legendary Al DiMeola and his amazing band live in New York City a few weeks back, which I sadly never got around to writing about. It was like being reintroduced to “real” music and was left high and dry later that evening.

Everything new and getting meme’d has been boring me to tears and all the old stuff became too hypnotizing, and not in a good way.

I was going to pack up my headphones until winter but then one group and their new album finally held my attention.

Angelina Dang: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Daniel Erik: Bass
Dan Ingberman: Guitar
Patrick Shields: Drums and Percussion

West Coast psych-rock band Crooked Flower and their unusually bubbly album Blooming – The Light Rail Sessions had me hooked, start to finish.

Are you a fan of 70s rock? No problem. Blooming – The Light Rail Sessions has some songs for a listener like you. Came To Me In Dreams Part 1 (Prelude) is like if Pink Floyd was writing music in 2018 with a front-woman. The track is professionally crafted and leaves nothing desired, more so if you’re a fan of that era.

Crooked Flower’s influences can also be heard in the echoes of the 80s and 90s, while the standout influence is no doubt, No Doubt. Don’t be doubtful however, as Crooked Flower could have easily toured with them back in the day, leaving most of their fans vacuuming up their merchandise and albums instead, if such opportunities were ever presented.

While I’m hopeful that Crooked Flower can get serious airtime in the future, I’m fearful their quality understanding of music may end up in the contentious decision-makers of radio and streaming. The best way to get Crooked Flower’s music at the moment, in my opinion, is by clicking the links below and sharing them wherever you can, especially if you’re in the mood for vintage-fusion.








Be sure to check out their music video for their first single below.



Daniel Mihailescu