Hello, Creeps! Episode 65: Clown Fight Club (Tapas II)

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The Creeps are back this week with the most…tired episode ever. That’s right, we were straight up exhausted. Davel hadn’t even slept before we recorded this! Don’t fret, we combat delirium hard in an effort to bring you a second helping of tiny, wonderful selections involving gladiator…clowns? You know what we mean. If you were worried we wouldn’t get dark or that wasn’t dark enough, Davel comes through with some another tragic baby tale while Coral takes us on a journey with the oldest and most miserable person in the world.

**Please note that this will be the last episode on Nerdopotamus! In the next week or so, if you Android users notice your feed disappear, please resubscribe! You could also add our new feed address manually into your podcast aggregator: http://hellocreeps.libsyn.com/rss. Thank you!**