Iuliano Adds Chance to Experimentation

In a soon-to-be world of digital media libraries getting rid of their one touch purchase systems, such as iTunes, independent producers and artists much like the Italian musician Iuliano that we’re about to briefly explore, will need to take their experimental hits to ever-growing and welcoming websites like Spotify and SoundCloud, which are precisely the two places where Iuliano will drop his independently produced EP Hidden Roots.

Before getting too excited and realizing that there are still platforms out there for independent artists like Iuliano and quite possibly yourself, please allow me to provide additional context prior to listening to his first ever released EP.

Since experimental music and its sub genres are so wide and vague, it can be a difficult task inspiring listeners to hang around for an album, let alone a single. When things are out of the ordinary, people usually head for the mute button.  

It is following artist’s circumstances of strangeness that may help us arrive at an understanding of his atypical composotions. This is what is so exciting about an artist like Iuliano.

Iuliano was born in Italy. He considered his parents both culturally aware and economically savvy. It is the combination of his upbringing that led him to become a creative and an entrepreneur.

In his earliest years he studied piano. He quickly became a fan of progressive rock. Getting older, he would play in clubs using an array of instruments and digital tactics found in the production of progressive rock. The music would just come to him.

Sometime later, he would find himself in the United States studying music at some of the most prestigious academic institutions. It was during his college years in the USA that everything clicked. Now all the strangeness that he wrote and played in the clubs that seemingly came from thin air, made sense on a higher and more structured level.

Like many gifted and technical musicians who seek monetary compensation, Iuliano decided to shift over to the role of a producer where he could engineer some of his own music while opening up doors for artists who might not have the technical know-how. This also allowed him to collaborate with well-known musicians overseas.

What started as a vacation in Thailand ended up being a massive collaborative effort among some of the most talented creatives in Southeast Asia. It was after a long four year adventure in Malaysia operating a small record label that he decided he would then concentrate on his own musical efforts once again.

Gleaning from his interviews, Iuliano hasn’t abandoned everything he’s learned and the wisdom he’s gained, but instead twists them to make something a little different.

For example, he composes his music on a guitar, which he claims is an instrument he’s least familiar with. This, in his opinion, gives him the chance to build sounds he might not ever think up. As a guitarist myself, I understand those wrong notes and mistruck chords can lead to interesting progressions and licks I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Such errors can be the extra push needed to notate things outside of a musician’s comfort zone, and Iuliano embraces those hiccups.

In reality, old-school composers call this “chance music.”

What happens when a contemporary agent of music adopts chance music? You get songs like “Who Knows” from from future EP Hidden Roots, by Iuliano. This time, chance music is incorporated with the full grasp of informed musical syllabary.

Check out Iulianos “Who Knows” video below and be sure to check out Iuliano on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Youtube! You can also visit his website, www.iulianomusicroot.com.




Daniel Mihailescu