Hello, Creeps! Episode 63: I AM NOT SOOOUP!

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It is very hot in the Boo Box, so the juices are flowing like wine. A very special guest, Tony Clifton, opens the episode possessing Davel and discussing his long standing feud with Andy Kaufman. We got a new batch of questions that drop us in some scenarios involving necrophilia, disposing of a body and shark attacks. It’ll all make sense after you listen. Maybe? Allison Mack and her human trafficking sex cult NXIVM are back for a third time! Shit is getting fucking real with the Clinton Foundation, a Seagrams ginger ale heiress and the Rothchilds involved. Allison Mack or another random cast member of Smallville will be a guest on the show or we will die trying, god dammit. Give it a listen!