Hello, Creeps! Episode 61: Where the F*ck is Vermont?


Coral spent some time in DC and fills us in on all the Reptilians and pie he came across before opening the show with another listener submitted question! When the aliens invade, will The Creeps stay loyal to Earth or work for our new extraterrestrial overlords? These creeps ain’t loyal. Fredo gets rotten and takes us on a journey into the odd world of “fujoshi” fandom and makes us question…everything. Davel bums us out by recounting the final days of Casey Kasem’s corpse, gives us some information on the price of cryogenically freezing our heads, and a dude holding a Dominos Pizza hostage. We close the show in Aurora, Texas, where we look into a UFO crash and a chill alien named Ned. There’s a lot going on here.