Hello, Creeps! Episode 59: Live Your Best (Second) Life

Posted On By Fre

The Creeps are back with another banger for all the freaks out there in Radio Land! Every wish you could just back up your memories after you die so your family could gain access to your deepest, darkest secrets and true feelings on all of them? No? Well, too bad because the dystopian future we’re all heading full speed ahead for is going to do it whether you like it or not! Coral covers how close that technology truly is. Ever wish you could live a false life in a digital world where you can do anything? Maybe? Fre covers a unique Second Life experience that actually doesn’t involve weird sex stuff. Well, kinda. Finally, Davel gives us an update on NXVIM and whether someone will truly ever save Allison Mack. More importantly, we read off some hilarious Instagram comments regarding the whole thing. Enjoy!