Miserable Retail Slave, S05E38. “The Important Philosophies of Sammy Hagar”

In this episode of Miserable Retail Slave, we talk about a strange library encounter and how it’s not always a good idea to go back home.

Being a podcast based a few miles outside of beautiful Flint, Michigan, we give our initial reactions to the new documentary on Netflix, Flint Town.

Finally, we ask the question, what songs would provide the soundtrack to your life and go over the life changing philosophies of Sammy Hagar.


NOTES: Sticker beer/ 4 color vulgar words/ flag/ don’t trust the man that doesn’t swear/ the first time Randy and Tommy hung out/ winners and losers/ living out the lyrics of a song/ the shock of hearing swearing in public/ white trash camouflage/ the missing link/ crashing a library book club/ a library flasher/ you can’t go home again/ Tommy was french kissed by Satan/ Tommy gives up/ A tar pit of happiness/ Creating a soundtrack to your life/ Become Ear Bud Man/ The Important Philosophies of Sammy Hagar/ reacting to the trailer for “Flint Town” on Netflix/ Bum, Thugs, and Harmony/ “Like some kind of alien”/ The Sadness of Daryl Van Halen/ National Pancake Day/ “What’s a Boy gotta do to get some hash browns up in this mug?”/ Tommy hates pancakes, not an egg fan/ Super diet mode: Tommy’s foods/ The Taste Buds #1: pancakes and syrup Peeps/ serving size: 4 chicks/ updates on HGW/ Tommy’s show in Chicago/ Happy Baby/ The Uber Man/ Road comic problems/ New arch enemy, El Silencio has a missed connection/ a mortar-cycle/ “we’re like online cupids/ “had to give her some busy balls”/ Speedway Nachos/ Honey Bunny Boogie Bear/ Tommy is going to be on “One Crazy Story”/ “This song reminds me of when I still had hope”

Miserable Retail Slave