Hello, Creeps! Episode 52: The Yiff Awakens

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It’s here: The NEW 52! The landscape of the creep’s universe has changed and nothing will ever be the same again. Tim was never a Robin, Wally West is gone, the Aquaman comic is actually…good? Wait, that’s a whole different New 52, but be prepared for a little bit of geek talk at the end of this episode. This week we discuss furries A LOT. Like, almost too much. Coral can’t seem to escape the likeness of Mother Teresa in every pastry he sees and he tends to gaze upon many baked goods. Davel takes us on a trip to the Congo for some cannibalism and the UK for a wine tasting…FROM HELL. We’ve got a whole lot more in this extra thick ep! Heads up, we’ve got something very special on the way! S’good.

**There’s some radio interference in this episode again. I apologize!**