Miserable Retail Slave: S05E24. “Cheesburg and a Bang”

This time on the Miserable Retail Slave show:

Divorce rates/ those cold feet/ Morals and Values Thompson/ Married to Yourself/ Tommy “just knows”/ Randy Franchises/ Find a mate/ How many carats/ Manifest Destiny/ Settle quarrels with duels/ 32 and a half yards sideways/ a lynch mob/ Dating Miss America/ Back up glasses/ Perfect square glasses/ Never settle/ Social media posts/ A “like” whore/ Weird Tommy/ Getting people’s attention/ Carrying glasswares/ Not afraid to dash a glass/ knowing the protocols of life/ stuck in social purgatory/ What would your genie wish be?/ Tommy hates money/ The plural form of words/ the modern day Helen of Troy/ Kneel/ Quality Question/ BUY A SHIRT/ Quote of the Week/ It’s not the Awful Tower/ Hinge, the online dating app/ Boring-Town, USA/ “Go a little kamikaze or something”/ Tommy’s wooing of The Beloved/ The wits and the dullards/ Shout outs to Textual Healing and Sorry in Advance/ Randy’s Kissing Booth/ Missed Connections/ The problem with bagels/ Too gassed up/ Mani-fart Destiny/ a very erotic wad of carbs/ the total cream cheese of all the bagel queens/ He’s peering and he’s yearning/ Speedway liberal chick/ Very Republican/ the Shakespeare of Missed Connections/ that perfect poise/ Tommy died and saw heaven


Miserable Retail Slave