Hello, Creeps! Episode 44: Portrait of a Final Fantasy Family

Posted On By Fre

First of all, we hope you like Lunchbox by Marilyn Manson, because we are going to shove it up your ear butts this week! Other than really random Manson praise, the Creeps delve into some UFO mysteries, Davel continues to bombard us with child darkness this week, and in honor of the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy 7 (and the 30th of the Final Fantasy series), Fre opens with part one of several segments dedicated to a particularly odd and — for lack of a better word — fucked up part of the FF7 fandom. Wark! — I mean… good evening! Photo credit for this week goes to Cha! Check out his stuff on Instagram @young_hummus

**I had to cut the intro to this episode so I could meet some file size restrictions on Nerdo while trying to minimize my quality loss. I apologize to people who like the intro! But anyway, Lunchbox…**