Astral Cloud Ashes Redefining Emo Since 2016

Here in the United States, emotionally charged punk rock, commonly referred to as emo, has gone through a series of evolutions and changes since the 1980s. At some point in the late 2000s or early 2010s, the genre felt like it finally went through enough reshaping that its former self finally disappeared.

It didn’t. It simply found a new home in Jersey, not to be confused with the state of New Jersey.

Astral Cloud Ashes adopted some of the earlier forms of the genre, carefully mixing it with toe-tapping alternative rock. One might describe the sound as post-emo, a musical style that pays tribute to its original influence but caters to the new ear.

Moonphase Bloom Artwork by Alexey Chistikov

Their new single, “Moonphase Bloom,” arrives a year after their first album release, Too Close to the Noise Floor, an album title that winks at sound engineers and audiophiles.

Astral Cloud Ashes’ new single refines their prior year’s efforts, adapting classic melody and old school energy that alt-punk listeners from the past few decades might have moved on from. Most importantly, “Moonphase Bloom” breaks the widely accepted stereotype that emo was nothing more than crying into a microphone over Bach inspired chord progressions.

Check out “Moonphase Bloom” in the player below or click here to listen.

Here’s a bonus music video since you probably just became a fan.

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