Hello, Creeps! Episode 37 – Fred-Onassis

**Due to some technical difficulties with our web host, this episode is out in two parts. Please be sure to check out part 2 here. It should be available on iTunes, Stitcher, and other aggregators as well. Thanks for listening!**

The contract dispute hasn’t been resolved, so Davel is silent once more. Our buddy Alfred fills in this week (who we are convinced is the illegitimate son of Ted Bundy), and he’s been yelling at us about our conspiracy theories for years. He runs down a list of the most enraging things we’ve said on the show that’s made him yell at his car stereo or almost throw his work speakers out the window. Then he gets serious and presents some facts on a child pedophilia ring on mars. Coral discusses sightings of the Chupacabra in Southern California as well as the possibility of it still being gay. Fredo opens up about his childhood irrational fears (ranging from OJ, the dude that killed Versace and the ghost of Princess Diana) then takes us back home for an alien reptile internet ‘cult’ and it’s role in a NJ man’s death. This one was a blast! Thanks again to @young.hummus from @eyehatepins for this AMAZING episode art. Fredo looks gorgeous.