It’s A Revolushn

In the past few months Nerdopotamus discussed a slew of varied artists, including vastly different rockers. It’s not until now we are finally covering Psych Rock group, Revolushn.

Go ahead and say the band’s name out-loud. The way it’s spelled is the way it’s pronounced, and the way it’s pronounced, slushy and conclusive, encompasses the lively tone from the trippy San Franciscan musicians.

With light pop and blues influences, the psychedelic compositions of Revolushn’s June 15th, 2017 album, Further!!, tends to prefer early methods of song writing derived from rock’s youthful hallucinatory years. Each song off of their new album behaves like a flower child, unsteady one moment, free flowing the next.


“Dinosaurs,” the lead track from Revolushn’s newly released album, found fame easier than some might have predicted, making Spotify’s “Hot 100 Next Big Thing” list, proving there is a craving for freshly made music in the vein of wildly popular classic rock bands your sibling might refer to as “chill rock.” Yea, that’s how younger people describe bands like Pink Floyd today.

It helps that each bandmate is incredibly talented at what they do, but they also have ridiculously attractive stage names.

There’s “No” on guitar and vocals, “Dekay” on drums, “Guinevere Q NBFD” on bass, “Young Sun” on guitar and mandolin, and “Schubert Ola” on keyboard, with some members involved in vocals, lyrics, and other instrumental cross-play.

If there is a cherry on top, it’s that their newest songs were all recorded at Cypher Sound Studio in Kansas City by Aaron Connor, who is known for recording and producing big acts like Bone Thugs N’ Harmony and Ed Sheeran. Each song is sharply mixed for the modern listener, never compromising Revolushn’s vibe.

If you really want a visual representation of how trippy this group really is, I’ve shared a vivid music video for their song “Dog Gets High” below to drive the point home.

Remember to listen to “Dinosaurs” by clicking here.

Be sure to listen to the full album by clicking here.

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Daniel Mihailescu