Hello, Creeps! Episode 36: R. Caligula

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The Creeps get a guest host as Davel is M.I.A. this week! Or is he? Going to have to listen to find out! Regardless, guest host and artist, Cha, joins us for some fun this week. Luckily, this mystery is accompanied by a story regarding a haunted couch and an incredibly Hispanic, bread-loving cryptid. If that wasn’t enough, you better believe we cover R. Kelly’s cult of slave women and almost definitely cover more than one R. Kelly and Dave Chappelle banger. Enjoy!

Please be sure to check out our guest host and artist for this week Cha’s artistic endeavors on Instagram! He’s incredibly talented and only getting better by the day! Most of his stuff can be found at @young.humus and he has pins for sale at @eyehatepins!