Erich Mrak’s Single “With You” Popularizes Sentimental Hip Hop

Twenty-one-year-old Erich Mrak has been writing lyrics and music since he was seven years old. His new single “With You” is an excellent mix between modern day hip hop and soft pop.

The Toronto based chill-hop producer lovingly blends rap and saccharine bubble gum pop resulting in a relaxing fusion of musical unification.

“With You” involves digitally made instrumentals encasing a voice of adolescent hesitance, and is probably meant to be played in a high school kid’s coupe or college dorm room. Coming from the mind of a young musician, the feeling of being noncommittal in a post-modern world with a potential significant other is unfortunately all too familiar for most. If it strikes a chord with you, the song did its job.

At its softhearted interior, “With You” accurately depicts the uncertainty of youthful western intimacy. Its charming juvenility is an earnest reminder to think before we act, do what’s best for ourselves, and attempt to do right by others.

“With You” is a lot like a romance film where I wish the couple ends up together at the end. I really hope whomever Erich Mrak is describing in the song won that happy ending.

Erich Mrak is radio friendly. His single “Without You” is an affair suburban rappers don’t really cover, but might want to reconsider since relationships are more relatable than booze and Ferraris. The pop fueled hip hop star is bucking the trend, if not through lyrical sincerity alone.

Check out the new single by clicking here or using the embedded player below.

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Daniel Mihailescu