Dark Model’s Action-Adventure Infused Saga

Tatsuya Oe’s newest project Dark Model is fierce artistry. His fresh enterprise seamlessly incorporates electronically infused orchestral strings with throat resonating beats.

For those out of the loop, Tatsuya Oe is known for his movie and video game scores, numerous accolades in the music business, and collaborations with other worldwide mainstream artists throughout his impressive twenty-year career.

Tatsuya Oe’s Dark Model willingly gives listeners a straight look into his intellectual madness, celebrated in the form of bombastic strings and heroic chanting.

Saga, the current album in review, easily sits at the top of the artist’s compositions, including his cinematic contributions on movies like Elysium and Money Monster, and well-respected AAA video games like Forza Motorspot 5.

Dark Model’s Saga is reminiscent of classical cinematic taste from influential composers like Phillip Glass, Trent Reznor, and even more recently, Junkie XL. The entire album is filled with the complexities of dynamic harmonics, the intricacies of digital manipulation, and the aggressiveness expected in any legendary blockbuster jam.

Saga album art

Saga’s track #4, “Rage and Redemption,” is one of the most action packed orchestral dance songs ever created. Heavy, theatrical, and intensely sensational rhythms will make you feel as if you’re gliding through an electronic opera house located in the skies above. Listeners holding a preference towards the fanciful will be fully immersed throughout the album. Check out the song by clicking here.

Tatsuya Oe describes his personal process of musical production similar to that of film and animation directors. Filmmakers tend to create stories with a visual first attitude, where dialogue is always supplementary, if not a completely irrelevant cherry on top. Oe creates story driven pieces through instruments and sounds undeniably noticed in each track laid out within Saga.

Saga is a rousing track list that inspirits nothing less than electrifying motivation. Don’t feel ashamed if you’re dressed in a cape while listening.

I didn’t.

If you take pleasure in feeling like you’re a super hero while rocking out to music or are fond of cinematic scores, then give Saga a listen on Spotify by clicking here.

Saga is also physically distributed through Dark Model’s official website, www.darkmodelmusic.com.

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